3 Signs You May Have Hired the Wrong Real Estate Agent

So it’s time.  You’ve decided to sell your home and move.  You’ve also decided to use the services of a real estate agent to sell your home.  You then find out there are over 600 real estate agents to choose from in your local area!   It probably doesn’t matter which real estate agent you choose to sell your home in WV, does it?  Aren’t they all the same?  Don’t they all do the same job?

sell your home in WV
Is this your real estate agent?

If this is how you have chosen a real estate agent to sell your home in WV, here are 3 signs you may have chosen the wrong real estate agent:

  1. The agent pulls out a cell phone to take pictures of your home for marketing.   Why is this a problem?  Because the pictures of your home usually are the basis for the first impression any buyer will have of your home.  Cell phones are great for snapping quick photos of the kids or the dog but they are not sufficient for marketing a home.  Choose an agent who uses high end cameras and other photographic equipment to photograph your home for marketing purposes.  I personally use 2 different cameras for photographing homes that I sell.  One set up specifically for exterior photography and a second specialized for indoor photography including a wide angle lens. Ask this question:  How will you get pictures of my home for my listing?
  2. The agent relies on his brokerage to advertise your home.  Many agents that are not experienced WV real estate agents, use only the MLS and their brokerage company’s advertising to market your home.  Why would this be a problem?  Using only the tools and marketing that the brokerage provides to sell your home in WV shows no initiative or custom marketing geared specifically for your home.  Choose an agent who does their own marketing independent of brokerage marketing.  Find an agent who pays out of their own pocket for marketing and has their own, lead generating website – not just a page on their broker’s site.  Ask this question:  How will you market my home above and beyond the MLS?  Or better yet, say this:  Show me your website and how my home will look when posted on it.
  3. The agent has no suggestions on how you can improve your home for showings.  How could this be a bad thing?  Because you want to hire a real estate agent who will be truthful and honest with you at all times – not one who will tell you what you want to hear.  Experienced agents will nearly always have suggestions on how you can improve your home for showings.  Many agents however are afraid to give these suggestions because they are afraid they won’t get your listing.  These agents however are not working in your best interest.   To sell your home in WV quickly and efficiently, it must be 100 % ready for showings.  Finding out there was a problem with the home after a showing because of showing feedback is NOT the way to go.  Why?  You just lost a buyer.  Say this:  Show me 3 places in my home that I can make look better for showings.  

You should thoroughly interview any agent that you are considering hiring to sell your home in WV.  Hiring the wrong real estate agent can cost you time and money.  Use this advice as a guide for questions to ask and answers to look for when interviewing a real estate agent.

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