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When choosing a real estate agent to assist you with your WV real estate transaction, don’t forget that hiring an experienced WV real estate agent matters!  There are so many complexities (and things that can go wrong!) with your real estate sale or purchase, that you need an experienced agent to help guide through these possibilities.  An experienced WV real estate agent has gained negotiation knowledge and has learned the skills to problem solve deal breakers as they may arise.   Ask any real estate agent you may be considering hiring home many homes they have sold and for a few examples of problems they have sold.  You need a real estate agent who can do more than just find you a home for sale!

Scott Grant – Experienced WV Real Estate Agent

Scott Grant is a real estate agent located in Hurricane WV that has the experience and knowledge you need for a successful real estate agent.  He has sold nearly 300 homes and over $40 million dollars of real estate his 10 year career.  This map illustrates this by showing the homes Scott has sold in the last 5 years as either the listing agent (red markers) or as a buyer’s agent (blue markers).  Compare and call Scott Grant today!

Recent home sales by Scott Grant, REALTOR® by location:

Why is it important to find an agent who has sold as any homes as Scott Grant?  Because there are some many things that can go wrong.  What if the home inspection comes back with repairs?  What if your home doesn’t appraise for the necessary amount?  What happens if the buyer can not close on time?  What happens if the home seller can not find a new home to move to?  This is where an experienced WV real estate agent can really step in and get the deal done.  It will take creativity, knowledge, and skill to navigate some of these potential deal killing pitfalls!  Contact Scott Grant today!


Organized and intelligent – always followed through.

Scott is the best!   He really takes time to explain all the paperwork simply and thoroughly. Very organized and intelligent.  Always followed through and did everything he said he would. While looking at the house, he was helpful without being intrusive. Very personable - by the time we finished, Scott now feels like a friend!

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